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Erich Reusch at Museum of Modern Art Weserburg, Bremen

Artist Spaces

Museum of Modern Art Weserburg
Opening 29 January 2016
Exhibition 30 January – 20 May 2016

In a fascinating succession, the Weserburg is presenting for the third time new artist spaces. Artists confidently present their works and concepts for discussion. The exhibition thereby offers insights into the variety and quality of current artistic production that is impressively documented in the collections of the Weserburg. In the differences, contradictions and encounters that thereby come to light, the artist's spaces of the Weserburg react to the complexity of current experiences of the world. Several specially selected spaces have been set up by the artists for this exhibition and can be seen only here as impressive on-site installations.

Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art
Teerhof 20 28199
Bremen Germany