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STRATA vs. Matter: Portrait Concert Timothy McCormack on Thursday, 11 June at 7pm

On Thursday, June 11th
You are cordially invited to a concert

Of works by the composer Timothy McCormack performed by Praesenz
Daniel Agi (piccolo), Maximilian Haft (violin), Richard Haynes (bass / contrabass clarinet),
Paul Hübner (piccolo trumpet), Stephen Menotti (trombone), Jan-Filip Ťupa (cello).

The concert will take place within the current exhibition „Glove in Hand“ by David Schutter at Aurel Scheibler.

Timothy McCormack is a composer currently based in Boston, whose music is largely preoccupied with and informed by the
physicality behind sound production, and obsessively explores the relationship between the body and the instrument. Focusing
on the microscopic but violent space between a finger and a string or a tongue and a reed, McCormack‘s music dissects the
physicality between performer and instrument to create an ecstatic, exuberant and ever-changing aural terrain. McCormack‘s
music exhibits highly dense textures and abnormal forms comprised of sounds which are constantly in flux, often violently so.
The concert presents McCormack‘s most recent works - the two cycles Strata (Glass, Mirror) and Matter (Drift, Heavy, Raw)
- in conversation with his earlier composition Disfix. Our program offers a unique opportunity to follow the development of
McCormack‘s work and to explore the depths of his soundscapes:

Disfix (2008) for bass clarinet, piccolo trumpet and trombone
Glass Stratum (2011) for piccolo flute and violin
Mirror Stratum (2011) for contrabass clarinet and cello
HEAVY MATTER (2012) for trumpet solo
DRIFT MATTER (2013) for cello solo
RAW MATTER (2015) for bass clarinet solo

Praesenz began developing remarkable concert programmes that extend beyond the prevalent world-premiere-apparatus
in 2007. The core consideration for Praesenz is the formulation of concert dramaturgy in which aesthetics, philosophy and
performative fervour enjoy a balanced interplay, which challenges listeners and broadens horizons. Masterworks of the late 19th
and 20th centuries are central to Praesenz musical interests, while the work of selected young composers complements and
completes the ensemble‘s programming.

„Glove in Hand“ is the third solo exhibition of the American artist David Schutter (born 1974) at Aurel Scheibler, and opened during
this year‘s Gallery Weekend Berlin. In the five abstract paintings exhibited, Schutter continues his artistic research through the
process of painting.