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INVITATION: We all dance in John Cage Shoes - Talk about Ray Johnson and John Cage on April 1st, 4 p.m. at Aurel Scheibler

"We all dance in John Cage shoes", Ray Johnson, who is considered the founder of Mail Art and initiator of the legendary New York Correspondence School, supposedly said in 1975. After his death in 1995 a pair of shoes with "John Cage" written on them were found in his apartment. They belong to his most personal artworks. At the finissage of the exhibition "Ray Johnson" Wulf Herzogenrath, Vincent Trasov, Peter Schuyff and Aurel Scheibler will talk about the close friendship between Cage and Johnson.

Johnson met Cage at the Black Mountain College, which he attended until 1948. In the early 1950s the two of them as well as Merce Cunningham and the avant-garde composer Morton Feldman were highly interested in the subject of zen-philosophy. Cage’s principle chance, which he derives from the Chinese oracle book I Ging, also served as an inspiration for Johnson’s way of making art. As if wanting to prove this inspiration and his friendship to the composer and performance artist, Johnson repeatedly wrote Cage’s name into his artworks.

The talk takes place in line with the exhibitions "Ray Johnson", Aurel Scheiber (until March 31, 2012) and "John Cage und ... Bildender Künstler – Einflüsse und Anregungen", AdK Berlin (March 30–June 12, 2012).

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Prof. Dr. Wulf Herzogenrath
Art Historian and Curator of the exhibition “John Cage und ... Bildender Künstler – Einflüsse, Anregungen” (AdK, Berlin)
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Peter Schuyff (Amsterdam)
Artist and Musician. During his time in New York he was in correspondence with Ray Johnson, and also has had a close friendship with John Cage.

Vincent Trasov (Vancouver)
Artist and Curator of the exhibition “Ray Johnson – How Sad I Am Today” (Vancouver, 1999) and founder of the Morris / Trasov archive. Trasovs was in a years long and intensive correspondence with Ray Johnson and has one of the biggest private
mail art collection in the world.

Aurel Scheibler (Berlin)
Gallery owner and Art Historian